Great ladies in the battle of Khaibar

During the time of Nabi SAW , the men were eager to join the Jihad of which many stories you have read. Women also had the same eagerness to sacrifice in the path of Allah SWT whenever they had a chance. Ummi Ziyad RA says: "In the battle of Khaibar six of us (women) reached the battle-field. Nabi SAW, having heard this, sent for us and said with anger, 'Who allowed you to come over here? Who brought you to this place?' We said, ’O Nabi of Allah! We know knitting and we have some medicines with us. We shall help the Mujahidin by supplying them with arrows, by attending to them when they are sick and by preparing food for them.’ Nabi SAW allowed us to stay. ”

The women of that time were blessed with the courage which even the men of our times do not have. Look at the courage ofthese women who reached the battlefield on their own and offered to do different jobs in the field. Umme Sulaim RA joined the battle of Huneyn in the state of pregnancy. She kept a dagger with her. Nabi SAW asked, "What is this dagger for, O, Ummi Sulaim?" She replied: "I shall stab the stomach of any Kafir approaching me.” She had also taken part in the battle of Uhud, wherein she nursed the wounds of the fighting men. Anas RA says: "I saw A`ishah RA and Ummi Sulaim RA running back and forth in the battle-field, carrying water for the injured.