Ibn Abbas RA and his Solah

Abdullah bin Abbas RA suffered from cataract of the eye. A doctor told him: "Treatment is possible, provided you are willing to take precautions. It will be essential for you to avoid prostrating yourself on the ground for five days. However, you can use a wooden desk for performing Sajdah."

He said: "This cannot be so. I would not say a single rakaat like that. I have heard Nabi SAW saying, ‘A person who intentionally leaves out a single Solah, shall have to face Divine wrath on the Day of Qiyaamah.’" 
Solah....when it is time to.

As it involves no direct breaking of the Law of Allah , it is quite permissible to perform Solah in the way advised by the doctors.
Yet due to his utter devotion to Solah and complete regard for Nabi's SAW warning, Abdullah bin Abbas RA was ready to lose his eyesight rather than allow the slightest modification in the Solah as performed by Nabi SAW himself. In fact, the Sahaabah would sacrifice the whole world for their Solah. We may call it 'fanaticism', or make any other remark about that devoted group, but the decision in the Hereafter would prove, beyond doubt, that they were those persons who really feared and loved their Creator above everything else in this world.
Sujud...the moment of nearness to Allah SWT.