If women have the desire for Deen and good actions then this will naturally be found in their children. In these times, our children are brought up in an un-Islamic environment that draws them away from Islam and they show no care or concern for their duties to Allah . If this is their beginning then the future results are clear.

Saidina  A`ishah’s (RA) spending in the Path of Allah SWT.

Once A`ishah RA received a gift of two bags containing one hundred thousand (100,000) Dirhams. She started giving out these among the poor, till by the evening not a single dirham was left with her. She was fasting that day. Her maid servant brought her a loaf of bread and a little olive oil for Iftaar, and
said "I wish we had kept one dirham for ourselves to get some meat for Iftaar." A`ishah x said; “Do not be sorry now. If you had told me at that time, I would have perhaps spared one dirham."

Gifts of this nature were often received by A`ishah RA from Amir Muawiah , Abdullah bin Zubair and others, as that was the time of ease and plenty for the Muslims as country after country fell into their hands. In spite of this wealth, A`ishah RA led a life of poverty. Look! She gives 100 000 dirhams to the poor, but she does not remember to get some meat for her own Iftaar.

In our own situation today, such stories seem to be impossible but to the people who had understood the Sahabah's (RA) frame of mind, hundreds of such incidents are quite possible. There are many stories of this nature reported about A`ishah RA. Once she was fasting and had nothing for her Iftaar
except one piece of bread. A poor man came and begged for some food. She asked her maid to give him that piece of bread. The maid said: "If I give him the piece of bread, there will be nothing left for your Iftaar''. She said: "Never mind. Let him have the piece.”

Once she killed a snake. She saw a vision in her dream, saying: "A`ishah RA , you killed a Muslim.”
She replied: "How could a Muslim come into the house of Nabi's SAW widow?"

The vision replied: "But he had come in Purdah (disguise).” She immediately got up from her sleep and at once spent twelve thousand (12 000) dirhams in Sadaqah, which was the blood-money (fine) fixed for a Muslim killed by mistake. Urwah RA says: "I once saw A`ishah RA spending seventy thousand (70 000) dirhams in charity, while she herself, was wearing a dress with patches.”