Anas bin Malik RA - During storm

What Hadhrat Anas used to do when a storm

Hadhrat Nadhr-bin-Abdullah relates: "One day while Hadhrat Anas was alive, it became very dark during the day time. I  went to him and said, "Did you ever see such a thing in the time of Nabi  SAW?" He replied, "I seek refuge in Allah ! In those days, if the breeze grew a little stronger than normal, we would hasten towards the mssjid, fearing the approach of the Last Day."

Hadhrat Abu Darda narrates: "Whenever there was a storm, Nabi SAW  would get worried and would go to the musjid." Nowdays, even at the time of the worst of calamities, who thinks of going to the musjid? Leave aside the common people, even those who regard themselves as good and practising Muslims, do not practice this Sunnat. What deterioration!