Together with the remarkable spirit of sacrifice, the Sahabah had genuine and deep-rooted fear of Allah in their hearts. I wish today's Muslims could have an iota of that fear of Allah  (Here are a few stories about this aspect of the lives of Sahabah.)

Hadhrat Aishah relates that whenever a strong wind, bringing dense clouds, started blowing, then Nabi SAW face turned pale with the fear of Allah . He became restless and would go in and out with worry, and would recite the following dua:

"O my Allah! I ask of You the good out of this wind, the good out of
that which is in this wind, and the good out of that which is the
outcome of this wind. I seek refuge in You from the evil of this wind,
from the evil out of that which is in this wind, and from the evil out
of that which is the outcome of this wind."

She says: "And further when it began to rain, signs of delight appeared on his face. I said to him once, 'O, Nabi of Allah,

when clouds appear everybody is happy as they foretell rain, but why is it that I see you so much perturbed at that time?' He replied, 'O, 'Aishah! How can I feel secure that this wind does not warn of the wrath of Allah ? The people of A'ad were punished with the wind. They were happy when they beheld the gathering dense clouds, believing that they brought rain; but actually those clouds brought no rain but utter destruction to the people of 'A'ad." Nabi SAW was obviously referring to the following verses of the Qur’an:

"Then, when they (A'ad) saw a dense cloud coming toward their valleys, they said: ‘Here is a cloud bringing us rain.’ No, but it is that very calamity which you did seek to hasten, a wind wherein is grievous penalty, destroying all things by commandment of its Lord.
And morning found them so that nothing could be seen, besides their dwellings. Thus we treat the guilty folk." (XL VI: 24 & 25) Look at the fear of Allah in the heart of a person who is the best of all creation. In spite of a clear verse in the Qur’aan that Allah  would not punish the people so long as Nabi SAW was with them (Al-Qur’aan VIII: 33), he has so much fear of Allah in him, that a strong wind reminds him of the punishment awarded to the people in the past. Now let us look into our own hearts for a moment. Although we are fully saturated with sins, yet none of the unusual phenomena viz: earthquake, lightning, etc., arouses the least fear of Allah in our hearts and, instead of resorting to Istighfaar or Salah at such times, we only indulge in absurd investigations.