Sermon of Saidina Abu Bakar RA - The Standpoint of the Sahabah RA

Concerning the Khilafah after the demise of Rasulullah SAW.
Saidina Abu Bakr - The 1st Khalifah of Islam.
The Sahabah RA Unanimously Accept Sayyidina Abu Bakr RA as Khalifah

The Demise of Rasulullah SAW and the Sermon of Saidina Abu Bakr RA, Urwa bin Zubayr RA says that (after hearing about the demise of Rasulullah SAW) Sayyidina Abu Bakr RA came on his animal from the south district of Madinah. He then dismounted at the door of the Masjid. He was filled with heartache and grief as he sought permission to enter the room of his daughter Saidina A'isha RA. When she gave permission, he entered the room where Rasulullah SAW had passed away on the bed. 

Sitting around Rasulullah SAW were his wives who veiled their faces and concealed themselves from Sayyidina Abu Bakr RA. Of course, there was no need for Saiyyidina A'isha RA to do so. Sayyidina Abu Bakr RA opened the face of Rasulullah SAW and then knelt on his knees to kiss Rasulullah SAW. He wept as he said, "What the son of Khattaab says is not true (3). I swear by the Being Who controls my life that Rasulullah SAW has certainly passed away. May Allah's mercy be showered on you, 0 Rasulullah SAW! You are so pure in life and in death!"

Sayyidina Abu Bakr RA then covered the face of Rasulullah SAW and hastened to the Masjid, skipping over the shoulders of people sitting there until he reached the pulpit. When he saw Sayyidina Abu Bakr RA  approach, even Sayyidina Umar RA sat down. Standing at the side of the pulpit, Sayyidina Abu Bakr RA called the people and they all sat down and kept silent. He recited the Shahadah as he knew it and said, "Allah SWT had given the news of the demise of His Nabi ~ when he was still alive amongst you. He has also given you the news of your own deaths. Death is a reality and there will come a time when none but Allah SWT will be alive. Allah SWT has declared:

Muhammad ~ is but a Rasul (of Allaah). Indeed many Rasul have passed before him ...he passes away or is martyred, would you (Muslims) then turn back on your heels (and forsake Islam)? He who turns back on his heels can never harm Allah SWT in the least (because he will be harming only himself). Allah SWT shall soon reward the grateful ones (so be firm and strive for His Deen).'" (1)
Saidina Umar RA exclaimed, "Is this verse in the Qur'aan? By Allah, to this day, I .had never known that it was ever revealed (1 had completely forgotten about it)!" Saidina Abu Bakr RA continued, "Allah SWT has also mentioned the following about Muhammad  SAW:-

'Indeed, you (0 Rasulullah SAW) shall certainly die, 
and they shall all die as welL' (2) 'Allah SWT has also mentioned:

Allah SWT also says:

'Everything shall perish but His countenance. All decisions
 rest with Him and to Him shall you all be returned (after death).' (3)

Allah SWT also says:;:

'Everything on earth shall perish (on the Day of Qiyaamah if not
sooner). (When this happens,) Only the countenance of your Rabb the
Possessor of majesty and benevolence shall remain (forever, without
ever perishing).'(4)

Allah SWT says in another verse::

'Every soul shall taste death and it is only on the Day of Qiyaamah that
you will be given your rewards in full (although partial rewards are
received in this world and in the grave}.'"(5)

Sayyidina  Abu Bakr RA continued; "Allah SWT had given a lifetime to Rasulullah SAW and kept him alive until he established the Deen of Allah, made the commands of Allah SWT explicit, passed on the message of Allah SWT and exerted himself in the path of Allah. In this condition, Allah SWT then took him away after he had left you on a path. Now whoever dies will die after being exposed to the clear proofs (of Iman) and the great cure (to kufr, which is the Qur'aan).

Therefore, whoever took Allah SWT as his Rabb should know that Allah SWT is Alive and shall never die. On the other hand, whoever worshiped Muhammad SAW and took him as a god should know that their god is no more. Fear Allah SWT, 0 people! Hold fast to your Deen and rely on your Rabb because the Deen of Allah SWT has been established and the word of Allah SWT is complete. Allah SWT will assist whoever assists the Deen of Allah and it is Allah SWT Who will strengthen His Deen. Indeed, the Book of Allah SWT that is amongst you is a light and a source of healing. It is through this Book that Allah SWT had guided Muhammad SAW and it contains the details of the things that Allah SWT has made Halal and what He has made Haram.

By Allah! We have no concern for any of Allah's creation that wishes to attack us because the swords of Allah are drawn and we shall never put them down. We shall continue fighting those who oppose us just as we did with Rasulullaah SAW. Whoever now seeks to oppress shall be oppressing only himself."

The Muhaajireen then left together with Sayyidina  Abu Bakr RA to (tend to the burial of) Rasulullah SAW. (I)

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