The anger of A`ishah (RA) with Ibn Zubair RA

Abdullah bin Zubair RA was A’ishah’s RA nephew. He was very dear to her, as she had brought him up. He did not like her spending so much in charity, while she herself lived in difficulty and poverty. He mentioned this to somebody and said:”I must stop my aunt from doing that.” She heard about this and was so unhappy that she took an oath not speak to Abdullah RA for the rest of her life. Abdullah bin Zubair RA was very upset by her oath. He sent many people to speak to her for him, but she told them, "I have taken an oath and I am not ready to break it." He at last, took two persons from the family of Nabi's SAW mother to her house to plead for him. A`ishah RA allowed the persons to enter the house and to speak to her from behind a curtain. Ibn Zubair also quietly got in with them.

When these persons started talking, he could not control himself and crossed the curtain and clung to his aunt, crying and begging her for forgiveness. The two persons also begged and reminded her of Nabi's SAW stopping a Muslim from refusing to speak with another Muslim. When she heard this , she got frightened of Allah's SWT unhappiness and the result there of, and began to cry very bitterly. She forgave Zubair RA and began to speak with him. She then began freeing slave after slave in repayment of her oath, till 40 slaves had been set free by her. Even later on, whenever she thought of the breaking of her oath, she cried so much that her shawl would become wet with her tears.

How much do we worry about the oaths we take from morning till evening? It is for every one to check his own self and answer. Come and see the people who had real respect for Allah SWT and His name; how deeply did they feel when they were unable to fulfil an oath. We see A`ishah RA crying so much whenever she remembered that incident about the breaking of her oath.