'Ihe Joyous News for Abd-ar Rahman bin Auf RA

The Prophet's SAW - Dua' of blessings for 'Abd-ar-Rahman ibn' Auf RA accompanied him his whole life. He became the most wealthy of the Sahabah. His business kept growing. His caravans rivaled the old summer and winter caravans of the Quraish. Hundreds of camels, under his name and direction, continued coming to al Madinah, bringing to its people wheat, flour, oils, clothes, pottery, brass, perfumes and everything they ever needed. Then, they would leave again, transporting the excess of the city's production, primarily dates.

One day, a huge caravan of seven hundred camels belonging to 'Abd-ar-Rahrnan ibn' Auf RA arrived in Madinah. As it entered the city, it was accompanied by the bustle and commotion that was always
present at the arrival of a caravan. This time, however, the noise was so loud that the earth began to shake. When 'A'ishah RA asked? The noise was coming from the caravan of 'Abd-ar-Rahman ibn 'Auf RA seven hundred camels carrying wheat, flour and food! She then announced, "May Allah bless what He gave him in this world and the reward in the world to come will be greater, for I heard Rasulullah SAW say, "Abd-ar-Rahman ibn 'Auf RA will enter the Jannah crawling."

Before the camels had knelt down, someone delivered the news of what 'A'ishah RA had proclaimed to 'Abd-ar-Rahman ibn 'Auf RA about his entering the Jannah. He dropped everything and rushed to the house of 'A 'ishah RA.

When he was admitted he asked, "0 Mother, did you hear Rasulullah SAW saying that?"
"Yes," she replied.
He was so happy that he said, "If I could, I would like to enter it walking. Be my witness, Mother-of all Mukminin. these camels with their loads and their saddles shall be donated for the sake of Allah SWT !"
From that great day on, when he learned that he was one of those Rasulullah SAW had seen in the Jannah, 'Abd-ar-Rahman ibn 'Auf ~ spent even more money for the Muslims. Some of these deeds included giving two hundred ounces of gold as Sadaqah, carrying Mujdhidin in the way of Allah SWT on five hundred horses, and then carrying other Mujdhidin on one thousand, five hundred camels or horses.

Alhamdu-li-llah, all this money did not change or deceive 'Abd-ar-Rahman ibn 'Auf RA. When he was seen among his slaves, people could not distinguish him from them. He did not dress in a gaudy manner, nor did he dress his slaves poorly. Rather, he and his slaves dressed the same, as is ordered in the Qur' an.