Sahabah's Group for Fatwa

Although all the Sahabah , along with their commitment in Jihad and propagation of faith, were devoted to acquiring and spreading of knowledge, yet there was a group of Sahaabah who were totally entrusted with Fatwa, even during the lifetime of Nabi SAW .

The panel comprised of the following Sahabah: Sayidina Abu Bakr RA, Sayidina 'Umar RA , Sayidina Uthmaan RA , Sayidina Ali RA , Sayidina Abdur Rahman bin 'Auf RA , Sayidina Ubayy bin Kaab RA, Sayidina Abdullah bin Mas'ood RA, Sayidina Mu'aaz bin Jabal RA, Sayidina Ammaar bin Yaasir RA, Sayidina Hu-zaifah RA, Sayidina Salman Farsi RA , Sayidina Zaid bin Thabit RA ,Sayidina Abu Musa RA , Sayidina Abu Darda RA . To give Fatwa during the lifetime of Nabi SAW was a great honor and privilege for these Sahabah, and speaks of their deep and reliable knowledge.