The Miracle of Tahajud


A. Research Background 

Exactly, many of us don’t want to leave free, even no time for religious which have the character of suggestion, however it value very much in side of God. Sometimes, so difficult to bunch the word for request and intercourse with God, while in the other side much of twaddle when meet with friend and relation. We often spend hours for entertain activities, but so little time is used for prayer and recitation to remembering God. Such as Tahajud Prayer, if we see, read, and decipher again, so many verses of holy Qur’an and Hadits give stressing and encouragement to do it, but few of us care about it.

B. Problem Statement 

Looking at the background of the problems, the writer put forward the following questions inter related with problem discussion about the miracle of Tahajud Prayer as follows:

a. What is the definition of Tahajud Prayer?
b. How do we do Tahajud Prayer?
c. When is the best time to do Tahajud Prayer?
d. What are the advantages of Tahajud Prayer?

C. Research Objective

According to the explanation above, so purposes of the writer writing this paper is:
1. Giving information to thee reader about the advantage of Tahajud Prayer.
2. Explaining to the reader about getting magnificence by Tahajud Prayer.
3. Giving understanding to reader about the true method to do Tahajud Prayer.

D. Research Limitation

The writer wanna explain the top problems in these sheets to complete the research, such as:
• The definition of Tahajud Prayer
• The eminency of Tahajud Prayer
• The advantages of Tahajud Prayer
• The Peculiarity of Tahajud Prayer

E. Research Methodology

In writing this paper, the writer takes a library method in which we read a lot of books concerning to the object we researched and also opened documents and other printed resource in order to support and carry out this paper into perfect.


A. The Meaning of Tahajud Prayer

Tahajud is taken from word tahajjada which similiar word by istaiqozha, the mean is woke up, wake by intentionally, or intentional for not sleep. It usually happens in thee night, so it is called as “shalatul-lail/qiyamul lail”.Night prayers is found in a lot of proof (nash) explanation about tahajud prayer (qiyamul lail), as Allah said in Holy Qur’an: "and as for the night keep awake a part of it as and additional prayer for thee to a Station of Praise and Glory.”In the other verse, Allah describes good people activity as follows:“They were in the habit of sleeping but little by night, and in the hours of early dawn, They (were found) praying for Forgiveness.”In a tradition, Abu Hurairah said,”Muhammad prophet was asked,”which one of the best prayer after fardhu prayer? Our prophet answered, ‘midnight prayer’. Asking again, “which one the best fasting after ramadhan fasting? He answered, “fasting in Muharram moon.”

B. How to Do Tahajud Prayer

Tahajud prayer usually is done by alone (munfarid) without together, tahajud prayer is not limited in number, but at least two raka’ah. The most major is we concluded 11 raka’ah or 13 raka’ah, with 2 raka’ah prayer iftitah. Way (quality) it is good that every 2 raka’ah ended a greeting. As Rasulullah SAW be explained that: “Evening prayer that two-two.” (HR. Ahmad, Bukhari, and Muslim).How to do Tahajud Prayer are:

Praying Intention-Niat

This is such as other prays, only say in heart, the most important in intention only because Allah Ta’ala by the sincering heart and hoping His willingness.Praying tahajud intention inside heart with takbiratul ihram. Praying tahajud opening by 2 raka’ah fluent. As well as perform tahajud praying at home.From Zaid bin Tsabit ra. that Rasulullah said: “Let us pray at your home! Because as good as someone prays is at home except fardhu prays.”(HR. Bukhari and Muslim)

• If feel sleepy, let stop the pray, then go bed till lost the feeling sleepy

• Continuation in tahajud praying perform is suggested. “The working which Allah lovest is working dine by continuoing although little.” (HR. Bukhori and Muslim)• As well as when had woke up for pray, also wake our family up. Rosulullah said: “God pity a man who got up to pray in the night, and wake his wife. If you do not want to wake up, then a splash to the face with water. Similarly, God pity the woman got up to pray in the night, also making her husband. If refused, spray face with water.” (HR. Abu Daud).The Prophet SAW said: “if the husband making his wife the night to pray for both two raka’ah prayer, then recorded in both groups (women/men), which is always pro dzikir.” (HR. Abu Daud)

• Tahajud prayer is sunnah pray performed in the night after get up from sleep.Generally nothing diffrent ddoing tahajud prayer with other prays such as fardhu prays. The distinguish just from the intention, after takbir, and the next are:

• Read iftitah or othet praying accorrding Prophet suggestion other.

• Read Al-FatihahRead one of surah from the holu Qur’an, as possible first raka’ah read surah Al-Ikhlas. And the quality explained by Friends of Said Ibnu Yazid, that prophet Muhammad SAW, night prayer 13 raka’ah, as follows:

1. 2 raka’ah prayer ifftitah
2. 8 raka’ah prayer tahajud
3. 3 raka’ah prayer witir

The letter read in prayer on first raka’ah tahajud after surah Al-Fatihah is surah Al-Baqarah varse 284-286. While in the second raka’ah after reading the letter off Al-Fatihah is the letter of Ali Imron 18-19 and 26-27. If documents are not yet know very well, so can read the letter that has been in the memorize. The total raka’ah tahajud prayer actually no border in total maximum tahajud prayer raka’ah. But, the most important is not more than 11 raka’ah.

• Rukuk while read tasbih three times
• Iktidal while read the reading
• First sujud while read tasbih three times
• Sit between two sujud while read the reading
• The second sujud while read tasbih three times
• After finished the first raka’ah, do up the second raka’ah as way above, then the last tasyahud. After finsh it, so read salam twice and the next raka’ah same like example above• After having finished tahajud prayer, read the easy dzikir (Allah-Allah-Allah), better more in istighfar (apologizing), make internal dialogue with Allah, tell whatever in your heart, then close by prays

C. Time OF Tahajud Prayer

Tahajud may be performed in thr early part of the night, the middle part of the night,or the later part of the night, but after the obligatory isya’ prayer. Commenting on this subject, Ibn Hajar says: “There was no specific time in which the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) would perform his late night prayer, but he used to do whatever was easist for hm.” Tahajud prayer can be performed whenever in the night unless the doer time for sleep. But the best time to perform ir is 1/3 in the last night. When is afdhal his prayer tahajud implemented? Actually the time to perform prayer tahajud (shalatul lail) since the specified isya’ until dawn (all night). However, there are times that the main, that are:

1. very major : 1/3 the first night (ba’da isya’-22.00)
2. more major : 1/3 the second night (at 22.00-01.00)
3. most major : 1/3 last night (at 01.00-day break)

According to description of the valid, when ijabah (granted its pray) is 1/3 last night. Abu Muslim asked Abu Dzar to friends: “At a time where we do the main evening prayer?” Friends of Abu Dzar said: “I have said to the man as Rosulullah SAW you ask me this.” Rosulullah SAW said: “The belly of the night is still livng 1/3 the end. Unfortunatly, very few people who do.” (HR.Ahmad)
Rosulullah SAW sad: “Indeed, at night there is a time, if a Muslim asks for a good life and in the hereafter, Allah SWT will give it. And apply it every night.” (HR.Muslim)
The Prophet SAW said again: “On every night of our Lord Tabaraka wa Ta’ala down (to the sky world) while living the end of the third night, He said: “He who calls me, I will expand its appeal. And whoever asks forgiveness.” (HR.Bukhari and Muslim)
It is best to delay this Prayer to the last third portion of the night. Abu Hurairah quoted Muhammad SAW as saying: “Our Lord descends to the lowest heaven during the last third of the night, inquiring: “Who is asking for My forgiveness so I may forgive him? (HR.Bukhari)Amr ibn Ash claimed that he heard Mohammad SAW saying: “The closest that a slave comes to this Lord is during the middle or the latter portion of the night. If you can be among those who remember Allah The Exalted One at the time, then do so.” (HR. At-Tarmidzi)

The Eminency, Advantages, and Pecualirity of Tahajud Prayer

A. Tahajud in Various Aspects

1. Tahajud in healthy aspect Praying for healthy is a defense perfect system for the doer and also the clothes for people who believing because pray is direct command from the God and made without anything tendention which only from Him. Allah said in the holy Qur’an in the letter of Al Anfal 24:

“who believe! Give your response to Allah and His Messenger, when He Calleth you to that which will give you life, and know that Allah Cometh in between a man and his heart, and that is He to Whom Ye shall (all) be gathered.”

Many canonist opinions take about this phrase and get a large attention from the exegeter and they different opinion to understanding it. One is command you to blond to rise Allah said / sentence that can destroy the enemy and also to create islam and Moslem. Except it also mean to call you in believing, indicate of holy war and everything about life happiness in the world and the hereafter. And Allah who dominate of human hearts. Released that praying s only command, but medist have found many kind of praying movement. All of it base on research which is mainly medical, everyday begin from morning or Subuh until Ashar, human doing is dominated by job related with autonomous nerve system until exciting the heart and the blood vessel also the smooth muscle other, or in medical language is called working system (adrenergic), while in the night is working system (kolionergic).

Food assimilation working all of day begin being paused by decrease all of digested secretion in the body from mouth till intestines. From this, may be, we can show a simple question, why when praying together, Zuhur and Ashar pray reading is not be loudly spoken?

 From medical theory, it is explained that by a loud voice in praying will waste the digested secretion which little. While the body’s rest is time to assimilation start work, in the night and when all of secretion in the body is taken outside maximal. Such a this may be cause why when praying Maghrib till Subuh pray is reading be loudly. Wallahua’lam. Tahajud is taken from hujud means sleep. Tahajud word is understood by al-Biqai in the sense to leave the bed to pray. This prayer is also called as the lit prayer/ night prayer, becausre it is held on the same night with bedtime.

What’s the secret up in the middle of the night to pray Tahajud? This has answered Allah in surah Al-Muzzamil verses 6-7, 

“Verily up at night, he had more weight and reading at the time was more impressive. Surely you busy during the day long.”

From the verse, there are 2 things that impress us. First, deliberately to wake up at night. Second, reading at night has an effect and impact of the more impressive. Deliberately night waking can only be done by people who have strong intentions. Strong intention must have driven by a strong motivation, so the job will be done with the sincere and earnest. Moreover, Tahajjud prayer is sunnah prayers, God willing, those who perform the sunnah prayers are people who do have a sincere desire and strong motivation. Another case with obligatory prayer, sometimes we carry out compulsory prayer simply “fall duty”.

Tahajjud prayer must be done after sleep (though briefly). What are the benefits? Must wake up more refreshed our minds. Imagine in 1 day, our hearts beats 100.000 times, our blood flows through 17 million miles an artery, vein, and blood vessels. We unknowingly daily average of 4000 words we speak, breathe 20.000 times, moving the large muscles as much as 750 times, and operates the 14 billion brain cells. Humans need a break. And sleep is a very good rest according to medical science. By means going to bed recovery process of cells, the addition of strength, and our brains back to perform Tahajjud done after sleep. With a fresh mind will help us to more khusyu’ interpret the verses of Allah that we read.

Reading at night is more impressive than in the day, why not? People who the hobby is “break-break an” (ORARI), they prefer to choose to communicate in the evening at approximately 2.00 to 4.00, because the noise generated at the time was more good and clear enough, though very far-reaching power. Unlike the daytime, the sound is not so clear breaker for many a disturbing frequency.

This indicates, wake up in the middle of the night and pray Tahajjud is very good to communicate with Allah. And communication that we do everything based n the beam energy. The author had an interesting experience for someone who was middle-aged when he spoke in a forum, which said he was so polite hearing, his face a confident and pleasing to the eye, has a strong character to affect those who interact with it. On an occasion, someone asks, “What’s the secret about the relative advantages have been?” He answered with a short and polite, “Discipline your-self with pray Tahajjud.”

2. Tahajjud in Psychology Aspect' 

Prayer is a special worship is Islam tuition, whether viewed from the orders received by Muhammad directly and dimensions of the others. This prayer is the only revelation received by Muhammad without intermediary Jibril or the other.

In the view of experts, contains elements of prayer is therapeutic for human health. According to Djamaluddin Ancok, as quoted by Haryanto, there are several therapeutic aspects contained in the prayer, among other aspects of the sport, aspect of meditation, aspect of auto-suggestion, and aspects of companionship. In addition it also contains elements of muscle relaxation, katavsis aspect. Moreover, compulsory of prayer working every day added by mustahab worship or prayer, especially the suggestion that in doing tahajud no limit of raka’ah, just until dawn, or the entry time for Subuh prayers.

According H.A.Saboe, organized movement contained in the prayer contains many elements for the physical health of humans. So by itself will also affect on human heath both spiritual and physical. Musbikin said that prayer is not only an obligation to do and obeyed by all Muslims, but also needs to be done thoroughly so that they can feel positive function of prayer. The other side of that s the aspect of prayer in every movement therapeutic in prayer.

Syeh Mansyur said that prayer s essentially the best means to educate the soul and renew the spirit as well as moral purification. For the perpetrators themselves, prayer is a rope that can control the amplifier, it is a solace and secure from fear and anxiety, as well as strengthen weaknesses, and weapon to fee alienated.

Prayer is pleasure for those who love him and a spirit of enjoyment for people who Oneness of Allah. Prayer s the top state and the ash-scale state Shodiqin people who pursue a path to Allah. Prayer is grace of Allah given to His servants. Allah led them to work and prayers were introduced as a mercy for them and honor them, so that he prayers that they get the fortune and glory of Him s close to Him.

Prayers has the effect of tranquility (defresan), such as anesthetic drugs. If you can fervently pray someone will forget it (not aware) of something going on around him. This has been proved by the companions of the Prophet called Ali ibn Abi Thalib is hit by an arrow in battle. Ali asked if the arrow was revoked when he was praying, and found Ali did not feel sick. Another dimension that can be explained in prayer is the creation of a strong personality in a person. Doing prayer regularly every time (based on a set prayer time shari’ah), by itself will form a strong personality, discipline, particularly, in creating the time and discipline work. According to Razak, in the day and night, is 24 hours, a Moslem at the time taught to obey the prayers in accordance with the time specifed. Such things will be formed in a Moslem discipline to obey the rules of work and time.

B. Granted The Prayers

Tahajud prayer is sunnah prayer done at night after the first sleep because the meaning is tahajud up at night. Primarily, tahajud prayer is done at night until nearly one third in the morning based on the tradition the Prophet:
“Allah commands the sky down to the bird residence time of the end of last night called, are there people who begged (pray) I will certainly grant, is there anyone who asks, I will give it and certainly there is hope for forgiveness, must be for him forgive me until dawn.” (Al-Hadits)

C. Getting Magnificence

Prophet Muhammad SAW has said: “For those who do tahajud prayer as well as, and continuing, so Allah SWT will give 9 kinds of magnificence's: 5 kinds in the world and 4 kinds in the hereafter.” 5 magnificence's in the world will be kept by Allah SWT from the kinds of disaster, symbol of the obedience will be seen from the face, will be loved the religious Allah slave, and will be loved all people, the tongue will able to saying wisdom words and will be intellect person, its mean given religious understanding.

D. Deleting Wickedness and Prevent Act of Sin

Abu Umamah Al-Bahili ra has taled, he said, Prophet Muhammad SAW said: “Lets do night prayer, indeed, it is a tradition of religious people before you, approach to Allah Ta’ala, prevent act of sin, deleting wickedness and avert the disease.” (HR. At-Turmudzi, Al-Hakim)



We have discussed the subject matter from the beginning to the end. From the explanation discussion above, the writer takes the conclusions as follows:
1. Tahajud prayer gives inner strength to supernatural interference.
2. Tahajud prayer gives of birth and mental toughness.
3. Tahajud prayer can bring fresh inspiration and innovation.
4. Tahajud prayer can strengthen memory.
5. Tahajud prayer can strengthen religious understanding.
6. Tahajud prayer delivers to the ideals and expectations.
7. By dong Tahajud prayer we can find a gesture of good with a dream to see he Messenger of Allah.The writer asked to Allah SWT to be pleased to bestow to us al the sciences that are useful and charitable salih. Also, in order to make us as part of the people who really know Allah, the people who wake up at night to do their prayers, and become servants of a loving Allah, in which Almighty Allah says about them, “Allah loves them, and they love Him.” May Allah Almighty on judgment day we gather under the banner of the leader of apostles, Muhammad PBUH.


From the explanation discussion above, the writer hopes to their readers to:
1. Improve tahajud as worship to Allah SWT.
2. Increase knowledge about the benefits of tahajud.
3. Strengthen the understanding of religious.
4. Add the knowledge that tahajud can provide.
5. Keep away from sin and sinners


All praises be to Allah the Lord of the world and the Creator of beautiful things in this Universe. No word out of the writer tongue but the word express the writer high thankful to the Lord of Universe who always guides the writer to keep straight away and against her laziness. Only his mercies blessings and under help. The writer could finish this paper. Thanks to all friends who always support me. This paper may be able to give some contribution to the writer especially and the reader generally.The writer hopes the reader’s suggestion and critics to make this paper better.
And finally all praises be to Allah.