Dedication on Da'wah Towards Allah SWT and His Rasulullah SAW.

A Responsibility of  every Muslim.
Calling people towards Allah SWT and towards Rasulullah SAW was the action that Rasulullah SAW and the Sahabah RA loved more than anything else. It also draws attention to the fact that their ardent desire was for mankind to be guided towards the Deen of Allaah and to enter its fold so that they may be immersed in Allah's mercy. In addition to this, it focuses on their tireless efforts to achieve this so that the creation could be linked to their Creator.

Love for Da'wah and Preoccupation with it

The Concern of Rasulullah SAW for Mankind to Accept Imaan. Abdullah bin Abbas RA narrates that Rasulullah SAW was extremely concerned that the whole of mankind should accept lman and pledge allegiance to him. Allah SWT therefore revealed Qur'aanic verses such as:

Among them (mankind)are the fortunate (those destined for Jannah)
and the unfortunate (those destined for Jahannam). {Surah Hud verse 105)

In these verses, Allah SWT informed Rasulullaah SAW that people will accept Iman only if the good fortune of doing so has been destined for them in the Lauhul Mahfudh. Similarly, only those people for whom ill-fortune has been destined in the Lauhul Mahfudh will go astray. Allah SWT then revealed to Rasulullah SAW.

(O! Rasulullah SAW seems like you will destroy yourself (with grief)
because they (the Kuffar) are not becoming Mu'mineen.
If We willed, We could have revealed a (great)Ayah (miracle)to them from the sky,
causing their necks to bow before it in humility
(because of which they would be forced to accept Iman.
However, Allah does not do this because forcing people
into submission would defeat the object of testing them and
rewarding or punishing them according to their merit).
{Surah Shu'araa, verses 3, 4)

Rasulullah SAW Preaches to his People at the Time when his Uncle Abu Talib is about to Leave the World. Abdullaah bin Abbas RA narrates that when Abu Talib was about to leave the world, a group from the Quraysh came to see him. Among this group was Abu Jahal. They complained to Abu Taalib about what his nephew (Rasulullah SAW was saying and doing, including insulting their gods. They expressed the wish that Abu Talib call for Rasulullah SAW and forbid him from what he was doing. When Abu Taalib sent for Rasulullah SAW,he promptly arrived and entered the house. When Rasulullah SAW came to the room, there remained a space for one person between the group of the Quraysh and Abu Talib. Narrating further, Abdullaah bin Abbas RA states, "The accursed Abu Jahal feared that if Rasulullah SAW occupied the empty space next to his uncle, Abu Talib may become more lenient. Therefore, he jumped to occupy the place, leaving no place for Rasulullah SAW near his uncle. For this reason, Rasulullah SAW was forced to sit near the door. Addressing Rasulullah SAW, Abu Talib said, '0 my nephew! Why are your people complaining that you insult their gods and tell them so many things?' Upon this, those present started saying many things."

Rasulullah SAW finally addressed his uncle saying, "0 my uncle! All I want these people to do is to accept a single statement that would make all the Arabs serve them and make all the non-Arabs pay them taxes." Taken aback by this, the people exclaimed, "Only one statement! By the oath of your father, we are prepared to accept ten such statements! What is this statement?" Abu Talib also asked, " 0 my nephew! What is this statement?" Rasulullah SAW replied, "Laa Ilaaha Illallaah ("There is none worthy of worship but Allah")."

Upon hearing this, the people hastily stood up and brushing down their clothing, they said,'"Does he make all the (many) gods (that we worship) into one god? This is indeed something strange!" Abdullah bin Abbas RA states that it was with reference to this that Allah SWT revealed the verses:

.(TheMushrikeen say,) "Does he (RasuluIlah)make all the (many)
gods (that we worship) into one god? This is indeed something
strange!" A group of their leaders passed saying, "Carry on (with what
you are doing without paying attention to what Rasulullah says),
and remain devoted to your gods (idols). Undoubtedly, there is some
ulterior motive behind this. We have not heard about such a thing (this
message) in the other religions. This is (therefore) merely some
fabrication. Does some speech (revelation)descend on him (when he is
merely a human being) from among us (and not an angel)?" (Allah
says further,) However, (the fact of the matter is that) they are in doubt
concerning My revelation. The truth is that they (behave in this manner
because they) have not yet tasted My punishment.
{Surah Sod, verses 5-8)(')