Rasulullah SAW company in Paradise

Solah Tahajud in the midst of night peace.
Rabe’ah narrates: “I used to remain in the khidmat (service) of Nabi SAW  at night. I would keep water, miswaak, Musalla (praying mat), etc., ready for his Tahajjud Salaah. Once he, being very pleased with my services, asked me, ‘what would you wish most?’ I replied, ‘O, Nabi of Allah, I wish your company in Jannat.’

He asked me if there was anything else I wished for, but I replied, ‘This is the only thing I wished for.’ Upon this, he remarked, ‘All right, you should help me by frequently prostrating in Solah.’”

Here is a lesson for us. We should not depend on verbal duas alone, but should also make some practical effort to gain our object. The best of all efforts is Solah. It would also be wrong to depend entirely on the duas of the Auliyaa and the pious people alone. This is a world of cause and effect and no doubt,
The Strenght....The believe...

Allah SWT sometimes in his wisdom and might does bring into effect things for which there is no visible and physical cause, but this happens on very rare occasions. Regarding our worldly matters, we make all possible efforts and never depend on duas alone. So as far as the gains of Hereafter are concerned, we should also try our best to adhere to the practical aspects of our Deen. Neither should verbal dua be regarded as the only factor which counts, nor, like a fatalist, leave everything to taqdir. No doubt, the duas of pious people and lovers of Allah SWT have their due effect, but they only go to boost our own sincere efforts and even Nabi SAW. asked Rabe’ah to “help” him by prostrating frequently (i.e., saying Solah in his leisure hours too).