Ikramah RA bin Abi Jahal Accepts Islam.

Ikrama RA is Granted Amnesty on the Request of his Wife.

Illustration Only- Ikramah RA.
Abdullah bin Zubair RA, narrates that on the day that Makkah was conquered, Ummu Hakeem bint Haarith bin Hisham accepted Islam. She was the wife of Ikramah bin Abi Jahal and therefore said: "0! Rasulullah! Ikramah has run away from you to .Yemen, fearing that you would execute him. Would you please grant him amnesty." Rasulullah SAW said, "He has amnesty."

Umm Hakem therefore left in search of Ikramah in the company of her Roman slave. The slave tried to seduce her and she continuously gave him hope until they reached a tribe of the Uk from whom she sought assistance. The people caught him and tied him up. She eventually managed to catch up with Ikramah who had already reached one of the Tihama coasts where he had boarded a ship. One of the sailors said to him,

"Recite the words of sincerity." the sailor ask him.
"What should I say, "He replied, "Say that there is none worthy of worship but Allah."
Ikramah said to him, "It is from this that I am fleeing." As they spoke, Umm Hakeem arrived add started waving a cloth (to attract their attention) as she shouted, "0 my cousin! I have come to you from he who best maintains family ties, who is the most pious of people and the best of people. Do not destroy yourself." He waited for her until she caught up with him. She then said to him, "I have secured amnesty for you from Rasulullah SAW."

"Have you really?" he asked. "Yes," she replied, "I spoke to Rasulullah SAW and he granted you amnesty." Ikramah then returned with Umm Hakeem when she informed him about the details of her experiences with the Roman slave. (In a fit of rage) He killed the slave but had not yet accepted Islam.

Ikramah Accepts Islam and Testifies to the Perfect Excellence of Rasulullaah SAW. When Ikramah drew close to Makkah, Rasulullah SAW said to the Sahabah RA,"Ikramah the son of Abu Jahal is coming to you as a Mu'min and a Muhaajir so do not curse his father because cursing the dead only hurts the living without ever reaching the dead." Ikramah kept making efforts to cohabit with his wife but she refused saying, 'You are Kaafir while I am a Muslim." Ikramah remarked, "That which prevents you from me must be something very great."

When Rasulullah SAW, saw Ikramah, he hastened towards him without wearing his upper shawl out of happiness at seeing Ikramah. Rasulullah then sat down while Ikramah stood before him alongside his wife who donned a veil. Ikrama said, "0 Muhammad! This lady has informed me that you have granted me amnesty.
Rasulullah SAW responded by saying, "She has spoken the truth. Your safety is assured." Ikramah then asked, "Towards what do you invite?"
Rasulullah SAW replied. ''I invite,you to testify that that there is no worthy of worship but Allah and that I am Allah's Rasul. I also invite you towards establishing solah and paying zakah." Rasulullah SAW then mentioned several other things that he was to do. Ikrama said, "By Allah! You have invited to nothing but the truth and excellent and beautiful actions. By Allah! Even before you started inviting towards your invitation, you had been the most truthful of us and the most righteous. I testify that there is none worthy of worship but Allah and that Muhammad is Allah's servant and Rasul."

This pleased Rasulullaah tremendously.

Ikramah RA then asked, "0 Rasulullaah SAW ! Teach me the best thing to say." Rasulullah SAW told him to say:

 "I testify that there is none worthy of worship but Allaah and that
Muhammad ! is Allah's servant and messenger"

Ikramah RA then asked what else he could say. Rasulullah SAW told him to say, "I make Allah and all present witness to the fact that I am a Muslim, Mujaahid and Muhaajir." Ikramah RA then said what Rasulullah SAW told him.

The Da'wah that Rasulullah SAW gave to Ikramah RA

Illustration Only: Ikramah during the Battle of Yarmuk
Rasulullah SAW then said to Ikramah RA, “I shall grant you anything you ask for if I am able to." Ikramah RA asked, "I ask you to seek forgiveness from Allah for every type of enmity I have shown towards you, for every journey I have undertaken to oppose you, for every battle I have fought against you and for every harsh word I have said in your face or behind your back."

Rasulullah SAW made du'a , "0 Allah! Forgive him for every type of enmity he has displayed and for every journey he undertook to any place with the intention of extinguishing Your light. Also forgive him for every defamatory remark he has made in my face or behind my back”.

Ikramah RA remarked, "I am pleased, 0 Rasulullah." Ikramah then went on to say, "0 Rasulullah SAW! I swear by Allah SWT that every expense I bore opposing the Deen of Allah, I shall spend double that amount in the path of Allah. I swear also that every battle 1 fought opposing the Deen of Allaah, I shall fight double the number of battles in the path of Allah." (True to his word).

Ikramah RA exerted every effort to fight in Jihad until he was martyred. Rasulullah SAW upheld the
marriage of Ikramah to his wife without renewing the Nikah.

Waaqidi has narrated that during the Battle of Hunayn (when the Muslims were suffering a temporarily defeat at the beginning), Suhayl bin Amr remarked;
"The Muslims have never before experienced the likes of these two tribes (the Thaqeef and Hawaazin) before." To this, Ikramah RA responded by saying, "One should not speak like this. Everything lies in the control of Allah SWT , and Rasulullah SAW has no control over things. If he is defeated today, tomorrow shall hold promising results."

Suhayl mocked, "By Allah! It was not long before this that you opposed Rasulullah SAW!".
Ikramah RA then replied by saying, "By Allah! All our previous efforts have been futile. Considering ourselves to be intelligent people, we used to worship stones that could neither harm nor give any benefit."

(2) Hadhrat Abdullah bin Zubair RA also narrated their incident but in has fewer words.
He says that when Ikramah RA reached the door of Rasulullah SAW. Rasulullah SAW was so overjoyed at his arrival that he jumped up into a standing position.

A narration of Urwah bin Zubair RA quotes from Ikramah when he met Rasulullah SAW that he said, "0 Muhammad! This woman has informed me that you have granted me amnesty." Rasulullah SAW replied, "Indeed. You have been granted amnesty."

Ikramah , then said, "I testify that there is none worthy of worship but the one Allah Who has no partner and that Muhammad is Allah's servant and Rasul. I also would testify that you are the best of people, the most truthful person and one who best fulfills his promises." Ikramah RA says that out of embarrassment, his head was bowed as he said this.

He then said, "0 Rasulullah! Do seek forgiveness from Allah for every type of enmity 1 displayed towards you and for every journey I undertook to promote Shirk." Rasulullah SAW made the following du'aa, "0 Allaah! Forgive Ikramah for all the enmity he displayed towards me and for every journey he undertook with the intention of preventing people from the Deen." Ikramah RA then said, "0 Rasulullah! teach me the best that you know so that I may learn it (and practise)." Rasulullah SAW advised him that together with striving in the path of Allah SWT he should recite:

"1 testify that there is none worthy of worship but Allah and that
Muhammad @ is Allaah's servant and Rasul"
This is where the Battle of Yarmuk took place. Ikramah RA participate in this battle.

Ikramah RA went on to say, "0 Rasulullah I swear by Allah that every expense I bore to oppose the Deen of Allah, I shall spend double that amount in the path of Allah. I swear also that every battle I fought opposing the Deen of Allah, I shall fight double the number of battles in the path of Allah."
Ikramah RA strives in Jihaad and Ikramah achieved his martyrdom

Ikramah RA continued fighting in Jihad and in turn he was martyred in the Battle of Ajnaaden during Khilafah Saidina Abu Bakr RA. Rasulullah SAW appointed lkramah RA to collect the zakah of the
Hawaazin tribe during the year that Rasulullah SAW performed'the farewell Hajj.
When Rasulullah SAW passed away, Ikramah RA was in a place called Tabaalah (in Yemen)

Ikramah RA was once the enemy of Islam, embraced Islam and died as a martyr.

Ikrimah was the son of the infamous opponent of Islam — Abu Jahl. He fought against Muslims and remained an enemy of Islam for a long time. He attended the Battle of Badr where his father was killed. After his father’s death Ikrima returned to Makkah and became more aggressive against Islam. He took part in the Battle of Uhud and the Battle of the Trench against Muslims.

Almighty Allah gave strength to Muslims and Rasulullah SAW led a campaign against Makkah. He adopted a strategy of surrounding the city from all sides so that the city could be protected against any onslaught by the Quraish. Rasulullah SAW advised his commanders not to fight in the sacred sanctuary. But Ikrimah was in a different mood. He raised an army and attacked the contingent of Muslim commander Khalid bin Waleed. As a result Ikrimah lost four fighters and fled.

Soon afterward Makkah witnessed a different scene. Rasulullah was standing at the door of the Holy Kaaba. Hundreds of idols in and around the Kaaba were smashed and Bilal bin Rabah was calling Adhan from the rooftop of the Kaaba. Thousands of Quraish who were staunch enemies of Islam were expecting revenge from the Muslims — mass execution for their decade-long crimes. Suddenly Rasulullah SAW declared, “Go back you all are free.” The pagans of Makkah were astonished to hear those words. They had never experienced such magnanimity and generosity in their history. Only six people were to be executed for their crimes and Ikrimah was one of them.

The people realized the greatness of Islam and came to Rasulullah SAW ) to embrace the new religion. But Ikrimah was not among them. He fled from Makkah to save his life and headed toward the seashore. He remembered his crimes and thought that nobody could save his life. Even the staunch enemies of Islam like Amr Ibnal Aas and Abu Sufyan had embraced Islam and received great favor from Rasulullah SAW.

When thousands of Makkans embraced Islam within a few days, a group of women came to Rasulullah SAW and said, “We have come to embrace Islam.” When a lady lifted her veil — she was Hind bint Utba, the one who had hired a slave to kill Hamza bin Abdul Muttalib RA (the uncle of the Prophet) and chewed his liver after his murder. She spoke bluntly, “You were the most hated person for me in the past but today you are the most loved one.” Rasulullah SAW welcomed her into the fold of Islam and prayed for her forgiveness.

The next woman was Umm Hakim, wife of Ikrimah. She wanted to embrace Islam and she was welcomed by Rasulullah SAW. Then she said, “My husband Ikrimah fled the city fearing for his life. Would you be kind enough to pardon him and grant him amnesty?” To her surprise Rasulullah SAW said, “He is granted security.” She burst with joy and ran toward the coast looking for her husband. She located him and conveyed to him the great news saying, “I have come from the noblest and the most gentle and honorable person…He has pardoned you and promised amnesty for you.” Ikrimah  could not believe it and asked, “Did you personally ask him and he told you so.” She said, “Yes.” Ikrimah then returned to Makkah with his wife Umm Hakim.

Before Ikrimah came, Rasulullah SAW told those present there, “Ikrimah ibn Abu Jahl is coming to you. Don’t curse his father because the cursing of a dead hurts a living person and does not reach the dead.” When Ikrimah reached Rasulullah SAW  welcomed him. Ikrimah said, “O Prophet of Allah, Umm Hakim told me that you have granted me amnesty.” He replied, “She is right and you have full security now.” Ikrimah  then recited the Kalima and became a Muslim. He requested Rasulullah SAW to pray for the forgiveness of his past deeds. Then he said, “O Rasulullah !, whatever money I have spent in preventing people from coming to the way of Allah, I will spend double the amount in inviting people to the right path. And whatever battles I have fought against Islam I will fight twice that number for the sake of Islam.” 

Ikrimah RA participated in all the battles after his conversion to Islam. During the Battle of Yarmouk in Syria he entered deep into the enemy ranks. Khalid bin Waleed, who was the commander, advised him not to go deep into the enemy ranks as his death would be a great loss for Muslims. He replied, “O Khalid! you preceded me in Islam. Let me atone for the past sins. I fought much against Rasulullah  in the past, should I now be afraid of the Romans. No, it will never happen.” 

He called on the Muslims to launch a fierce attack and finally Allah Almighty gave victory to Muslims. The battlefield was littered with corpses. Historian Baladhuri reported that 70,000 enemy combatants were killed and 3,000 Muslims were martyred in the Battle of Yarmouk.
There great Muslim fighters Harith bin Hisham RA, Ayyash bin Abi Rabiah RA , (cousin of Khalid bin Waleed) and Ikrimah RA bin Abu Jahl were wounded. Harith cried for water, when it was brought to him, he saw Ikrimah looking at it. He asked the person to give water first to Ikrimah, but when it was brought to Ikrimah, he saw Ayyash RA looking at it. He said, “Give it first to Ayyash.” But when the water was brought to Ayyash, he died before drinking it. Then the person turned toward Ikrimah RA and Harith RA to give them water, but both had passed away. 

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(1) The Muslims shall either win victory or at least they shall learn that they ought to place all their
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