What Nabi SAW did at the Time of Solar Eclipse

What Nabi SAW did at the Time of Solar Eclipse.
The Sun was once in eclipse in Nabi's SAW time. The Sahaabah left their jobs. Even the young boys, practicing archery, hastened towards the musjid to know what Nabi saw would do at that time. Nabi SAW started Salaah of two rakaat, which were so long that some people fainted and fell down. He wept in his Salah and said:

"O Allah! You have said that You will not punish them as long as I
am with them and so long as they seek Your forgiveness."

This refers to a verse in the Qur’aan wherein Allah says:

"But Allah would not punish them while You are with them, nor will He punish them while they seek forgiveness." (VIII-33) He then addressed the people saying: "You should hasten for Salah whenever you happen to find the Sun or the Moon in eclipse. If you happen to know the signs of the Last Day as I do, then surely you would weep more and laugh less. In all such happenings, resort to Salaah; pray to Allah and distribute sadaqaa (charity) to the poor."