Abd ar -Rahman bin Auf Special Honor - He Led the Solah

The army soon headed for Tabuk. There, 'Abd-ar-Rahman ibn 'Auf RA ~ was honored by Allah ; as no other Muslim had been before. It was the time for Salat al-Fajr, and everyone was waiting for Rasulullah SAW. They waited for a long time and still Rasulullah SAW ~ did not appear; the Muslims soon feared they would miss the time for prayer. So 'Abd-ar-Rahman ibn 'Auf RA ~ led the prayer. The first Rak'ah was just finished when Rasu lullah SAW joined the people praying. 'Abd ar Rahman RA stepped back, but Rasulullah SAW motioned for him to continue. 'Abd-ar-Rahman RA~ had the most
unique experience of being the imam in front of the Imam of the Prophets, Muhammad ibn' Abdullah SAW.

When the soldiers announced the greeting of peace to end the prayer, Rasulullah SAW ~ arose and completed the rak' ah he had missed. When he finished, he said, "You have done well, for indeed a Prophet SAW doesn't die until he has been led in prayer by a pious man of his people."