Battle of Mutah

The Flag
Of the messengers that Nabi SAW sent to different kings, inviting them to Islam, one was sent to the King of Busra through Haris bin Umair Azdi RA . When Haris RA reached Mutah , he was killed by Sharjeel Ghassani, one of the governors of Caesar. The murder of the envoy (messenger) was against all laws.

Nabi SAW was naturally very much upset when the news reached him. He collected an army, 3 000-strong in number, to advance against the enemy. Nabi SAW said, “ Zaid bin Harithah RA will command the army, If Zaidis killed, then Ja’far bin Abi Talib RA will be your Amir and if he is also martyred, then Abdullah bin Rawahah RA will take the command. If he also dies, then you can select a commander from among yourselves.”

The Maqam of Jaafar bin Abi Talib RA
A Jew, who was listening to this, said: “All the three must die. This is exactly how the earlier Ambiyaa used to prophesy.” Nabi SAW gave Zaid RA a white flag made by himself. He then accompanied the army for some distance out of Madinah and made Dua for them saying: “May Allah SWT bring you back safely and victoriously. May He guard you against all evils.”

At that moment Abdullah bin Rawahah RA , who was also a poet, recited three couplets, which meant: “I only wish forgiveness of my sins and a sword to cause my blood to gush out like water from a fountain, or a spear to pierce me through my liver and my stomach. When people pass my grave they
should say: ‘May you, who have died for Allah’s cause, be successful and do well. You are really successful and prosperous.’”

Sharjeel received the news about this army. He prepared himself to meet them with an army, 100 000 strong. When they proceeded further, they heard the rumor that the Caesar himself was coming with another army of 100 000 men to help Sharjeel. The Sahabah hesitated whether they should face
such heavy odds or consult Nabi SAW for further instructions. At this Abdullah bin Rawahah RA called aloud: “Friends! What are you worried about? What are you here for? You are here to be martyred. We have never fought on the basis of our strength in arms and numbers. We have always fought on the strength of Islam, through which Allah has honored us. You are sure of one of the two successes, Victory or Martyrdom.”

After being encouraged by Abdullah bin Rawahah RA , the Sahabah decided to advance till they faced the Christian army in the battlefield of Mutah. Zaid RA , with the flag in his hand, directed the field operations. A fierce battle raged and Sharjeel’s brother was killed in action. Sharjeel himself fled from the field and took shelter in a fort. He sent a message to the Caesar, who immediately dispatched an army, which was 200 000 strong. The Muslims were fighting against very heavy odds.
Tomb of Zaid bin Haritah RA in Mutah,Jordan
Zaid RA was killed and the flag was taken over by Ja’far bin Abi Talib RA . He intentionally disabled his horse to dismiss any idea of returning home from the battlefield. He then recited a few couplets, which meant: “O, people! What a beautiful place Jannat is. How wonderful is its approach! How fine and how cool is its water. The Roman’s doom is at hand. I must finish them all.”

With flag in one hand and sword in the other, he jumped into the enemy lines. The enemy cut his right hand, which held the flag. He at once transferred it to his left hand. When that was cut off, he held the flag in his teeth and supported it with his bleeding arms. His body was cut into two by somebody from behind and he fell dead. He was thirty-three years old at that time.
Maqam of Abdullah bn Rawahah RA
Abdullah bin Umar RA says: “When we removed him from the battle-field, we counted as many as ninety wounds on his body, all on the front.” When Ja’far bin Abi Talib was killed, Abdullah bin Rawahah RA was eating a piece of meat in a corner of the battle- field. He had been hungry for three days. On hearing about the death of Ja’far bin Abi Talib RA , he threw away that piece of meat, saying to himself: “Abdullah! You are busy in eating, while Ja’far RA has reached Jannat.”

He took the flag and began to fight. His finger was severely injured and hung loose. He placed the hanging finger under his foot and tore it off from the hand, and then rushed forward. Knowing that the Muslims were fighting against very heavy odds and his own weakness, he paused for a moment. He at once recovered from his despair and said to himself: “O, Heart! What makes you wait now? Is it for the love of wife? If so, then I divorce her this very moment. Is it for the slaves?

The Battle ground of Mutah...just near Mutah University in Jordan
Then I set them all free. Is it for the garden? I give it over in Sadaqah.” He then recited a few couplets, which meant: “O, Abdullah! You have to go down after all; whether you do it willingly or unwillingly. You have had enough of peace. O you, who are only a drop of dirty fluid! See how the disbelievers are attacking the Muslims. Why does Jannat not attract you? Even if you are not killed in this battle, remember you have to die one day.”

He then got down from his horse. Meanwhile his cousin brought him a piece of meat, saying, “You have had neither food nor sleep for many days. Eat this and take a little rest before you fight.” He held the slice and was about to eat it when he heard an uproar of the enemy's attack from one direction. He at once threw away the slice and jumped into the crowd, striking with his sword till he was killed. The history of Sahaba his full of stories which show that worldly pleasures were nothing in their eyes, and their only concern was to get success in the Hereafter.