The Great And Trustworthy Companion - Abdul Rahman bin Auf RA

The Great and Honest Companion of Rasulullah SAW-Abdul Rahman bin Auf RA
When Makkah was finally reopened to the Muslims, a disagreement arose between Khalid ibn Walid ~ and 'Abd-ar-Rahrnan RA. Khalid ~ spoke angrily to 'Abd ar-Rahman RA, and Rasulullah SAW said, "Gently, Khalid, let my sahabah. be, for if you had Mount Uhud all in gold and spent it in the way of Allah SWT, you would not attain the merit of any man of my sahabah:" At the time of the Farewell Pilgrimage, Rasiilullah SAW further demonstrated his trust in 'Abd-ar Rahman RA. He appointed him and 'Uthman RA, his son-in-law, guardians of all his wives, who accompanied him.

Rasulullah SAW himself was in charge of a pilgrimage of 30,000 people. It was the first pilgrimage in hundreds of years dedicated solely to Allah SWT, with no idolaters or idolatrous practices, and it was a renewal of the rite established by Ibrahim and Ismall AS. 'Abd-ar-Rahman RA and all the others who were able to share it experienced great joy with their beloved Rasul SAW. However, as they stood at 'Arafat listening to Rasulullah SAW speak of the duties from Allah SWT that he had discharged, the people became aware that he was saying goodbye. This was confirmed by the Revelation that descended at that time:

"This day, I have perfected your religion for you, and I have completed My blessing upon
you" (al-Ma'idah 5:3).

Not long after that, the Prophet of Allah SAW demised. All of his sahabah had to go on living without him, doing the best they could. 'Abd-ar-Rahman ibn 'Auf RA continued to take care of Rasulullah's SAW wives, the Mothers of the Believers ('Ummul al-Mu'rninin). He used to escort them when they went out, and he made the Hajj with them when they made the Hajj. He put special green covers on their howdahs (small rooms made to fit on a camel in which a woman could sit in privacy) and rested in the places they chose.

This was a merit of 'Abd-ar-Rah man ibn 'Auf RA, that the wives of Rasulullah SAW, who were not to be seen by any men except their close relatives and were never to marry again, should have such trust and confidence in him and his honor. Because of 'Abd-ar-Rahman ibn 'Auf's dedication to the Muslims and the ' Ummul al-Mu'minin, he sold a piece of land he owned at the price of forty thousand dinars. He distributed all of this money to the Banu Zuhrah (the people of Aminah bint Wahb, Rasulullahs
SAW mother), the poor Muslims, the Muluijirun and Rasulullah's SAW wives.

When he sent her share to 'A'ishah*"she asked, "Who sent that money?"
'''Abd-ar-Rahman ibn 'Auf RA," she was told.
Upon hearing this, she quoted Rasulullah's SAW words, "Only the patient people (as-sabiriin) will be
compassionate to you after me."