Martyrdom of Saidina Hanzalah RA

When the battle of Uhud started, Saidina Hanzalah RA had just been married to Jamilah bti Ubay and therefore did not join the battle from the beginning. It is said that he had just left the bed of his wife and had hardly started taking his bath, when he heard somebody breaking the news about the defeat. He delayed the bath and with sword in hand, rushed towards the battle-field. He jumped into the enemy lines, fighting and killing till he was killed. The body of the person killed in the path of Allah is not washed, unless a bath has been compulsory on him before his death. Not knowing his failure to take the compulsory bath, the Sahabah buried him without a bath. Just before his burial, Nabi SAW said: “I see the Malaikah washing Hanzalah’s body.”

Hanzalah is Martyred
Saidina Abu Saeed Sa’adi says: “On hearing this from Nabi SAW(, I went to have a look at Hanzalah’s face and I noticed drops of water trickling down his hair.” When Nabi SAW returned to Madinah, he made enquiries and the facts of Saidina Hanzalah’s delaying his bath came to light. This again shows the courage of those people. A brave person cannot accept any delay and jumps into the jaws of death. Saidina Hanzalah RA also could not wait to finish the bath which was compulsory on him.