Zaid Refuses to go with his father.


Zaid bin Harithah RA
Before Islam, Zaid was once traveling in a caravan with his mother, going to her father's town, when the caravan was attacked by the Qais. They took Zaid as a slave and sold him in Makkah Mukarramah. Hakim bin Hazam bought him for his aunt Khadijah , who offered him as a present to Nabi SAW at the time of her marriage with him. Zaid's father was in great grief at the loss of his son.

He roamed about in search of him, mourning his separation in the following heart-breaking verses: "I weep in memory of Zaid, while I know not whether he is alive (to be hoped for) or finished by death." "O! Zaid, By Allah, I have no knowledge, whether you are killed on soft soil or on a rock."

"Ah, I wish I knew whether you would ever come back to me, for that is the only desire I am living for." "I remember Zaid when the sun rises in the East. I remember him when the rain comes from the clouds." "The blowing wind makes stronger the fire of his memory. Alas, my grief and suffering are very long."

"I shall run my swift camels in search of him. I shall search for him around the universe." "The camels may get tired, but I shall not rest, till I die, for death is the end of every hope." "I shall still command my sons and such and such people, to keep searching for Zaid even after my death."
The many battles of Zaid bin Harithah RA
Some people of his family happened to meet Zaid during their journey to Makkah Mukarramah. They told him the story of his father's grief and pain and read to him the poems which he sang for Zaid. Zaid sent a letter to his father through these people. The letter consisted of three poems addressed to his father telling him that he was quite well and happy with his noble master. When the people went back, they informed his father of his location and delivered Zaid's message to him.

On receiving the letter, his father and his uncle left for Makkah Mukarramah with sufficient money to buy Zaid . When they came to Nabi SAW they said: "O, son of Haashim and the chief of Quraish. You are living in the Haram and the neighbour of Allah . You are known for freeing the prisoners and feeding the hungry. We have come to you requesting for our son.

Accept the ransom money for Zaid and set him free. We are willing to pay even more than the ransom money. Please, show mercy and be kind to us." Nabi SAW asked: "What do you wish to do with Zaid?" Zaid's father replied: "We want to take him back home with us."

"Is that all?" asked Nabi SAW "All right, then call Zaid and ask him. If he wishes to go with you, I shall let him go without taking any money, but I shall not send him if he doesn’t want to go." Zaid's father replied: "You have shown us more favour than we deserve. We most gladly agree to what you say.'' Zaid was sent for. When he came, Nabi SAW said to Zaid: "Do you know these men?

Zaid replied: "Yes, I know them. This is my father and that is my uncle."Nabi SAW then said: "And you know me too. They have come to take you back to your home. You have my full permission to go with them. If, on the other hand, you chose to stay on with me, you may do so."
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Zaid replied: "How can I prefer anybody else to you? You are everybody for me, including my father and my uncle." Zaid's father and uncle were surprised and said: "O, Zaid! Do you prefer to be a slave? How can you leave your own father, uncle and other members of your family, and remain a slave?"

Zaid replied: "Verily, I have seen something in my master that makes me prefer him to everybody else in the world." On this, Nabi SAW took Zaidin his lap and said: "From today, I adopt Zaid as my son." The father and uncle were quite satisfied with the situation and gladly left Zaid with Nabi SAW and returned without him. Zaid was only a child at that time. His preferring to remain a slave and refusing to go with his own father giving up his home and family shows his great love for Nabi SAW