Sayidina ‘Umar Al Khattab RA emigration to Madinah

Sayidina Umar Al Khattab RA -migrate to Medinah
Sayidina Umar RA is well known for his bravery and heroism by one and all. In the beginning, when the Muslims were very weak, Nabi SAW prayed to Allah SWT to strengthen the Muslims with Sayidina ‘Umar’s RA, Islam. This prayer was answered by Allah in no time,

Abdullah bin Ma’sood RA says: “We could not say our Solah in the Haram till he had accepted Islam.” Sayidina Ali RA says: “Early emigrants to Madinah left Makkah quietly and secretly, due to the fear of Quraish. However when Sayidina ‘Umar RA decided to emigrate, he hung his sword from his neck, held his bow in his hand and took a large number of arrows with him. 

He first went to Haram, performed Tawaaf most confidently, said his Solah most calmly and then went to the different groups of Quraish, declaring before each of them, ‘Whoever does not mind his mother crying for him, his wife becoming a widow and his children becoming orphans, may come out of Makkah and face me.’ There was none to accept his challenge.”