Proceeding in the path of Allah SWT - During the month of Ramadhan

The location belief  - Battle of Badr took place in Ramadhan
Rasulullah SAW proceeds to Badr and to Makkah during the Month of Ramadhan, Saidina Umar RA says that it was during Ramadhan that they marched with Rasulullah SAW for t h e Battle of Badr and for the conquest of Makkah. (5)Another narration quotes that Saidina Umar RA said, "We marched on two military expeditions with Rasulullah SAW during Ramadhan; the Battle of Badr and the conquest of Makkah. On both occasions, we did not fast." ( 6 ) Abdullaah bin Abbas RA says, "Three hundred and thirteen Muslims participated in the Battle of Badr. Amongst these, seventy six were from the Muhaajirin. It was on Friday the 17th of Ramadhan that the Mushrikin were defeated in the Battle of Badr." (') Another narration from Abdullaah bin Abbas RA states that the Sahabah RA participating in the Battle of Badr numbered just more than three hundred and ten.

The narration also adds, "The Ansaar numbered two hundred and thirty six and it was Saidina Ali RA who carried the flag of the Muhaajirin." (2) Yet another from Abdullaah bin Abbas RA states , "When Rasulullah SAW left for the journey, he appointed Abu Ruhm Kulthoom bin Husayn bin Utba bin Khalaf Ghifaari RA as his deputy in Madinah. It was on the tenth of Ramadhan that he left. Rasulullah fasted and so did the Sahabah RA with him. However, when they reached Kudayd, an oasis located between Usfaan and Amaj, Rasulullah SAW terminated his fast.
The Conquest of Makkah 
Rasulullah SAW then proceeded until he set up camp at Marruz Zahraan along with the ten thousand Sahabah RA with him." (3) Abdullaah bin Abbas RA has also narrated that Rasulullah SAW proceeded in Ramadhan to conquer Makkah and fasted until he reached Kudayd. ( 4 ) Another narration states that when Rasulullah SAW left to conquer Makkah during Ramadhan, he was fasting until the road passed by Kudayd at midday. The Sahabah RA, were thirsty and started craning their necks (in search of water). They had started becoming uneasy when Rasulullaah SAW asked for a cup of water. He then took it in his hand so that everyone could clearly see it. Thereafter, he drank the water and the Sahabah RA followed suit. 6)

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