For the love of Prophet SAW - Life in Jannah

A person came to Nabi SAW and said: "O Nabi of Allah! You are dearer to me than my life, my wealth and my family. When I am at my house and happen to think of you, I become restless till I come and see you. O, Nabi of Allah, death is sure to come to both of us. After death, you will be in your high position as a Nabi, while I shall be somewhere else and perhaps I may not be able to see you. I am very worried and troubled when I think of this separation from you."
Nabi SAW stayed quiet and he did not know what to say; then Jibrail appeared and revealed the following verse:

"Whoever obeys Allah and the Rasul, they are with those unto whom Allah has shown favour among the Ambiyaa and the Siddeeqeen and the Shuhadaa and the Righteous. They are indeed
the best of companions. This is a favour from Allah, and Allah suffices as the knower." (S4 :
V 69 & 70)

These type of stories happened quite often with the Sahabah. Such fears in the hearts of the lovers are quite normal. Nabi SAW recited these verses to remove their fears.

A person once came to Nabi SAW and said: "O Nabi of Allah, my love for you is such that when I think of you, I cannot rest till I run to see you, for I am sure I would die if I did not see you. Now I am very worried when I imagine that, even if I am able to enter Jannat, it will be very difficult for me to see you, for you will be in a position far above my reach."Nabi SAW comforted him by reciting the abovementioned verses in his reply.

Nabi SAW saw a person from the Ansar looking very much worried. He inquired: "What makes you look so sad?"
The Person replied: "O, Nabi of Allah! I have a problem. "
Nabi SAW asked: "What is it?"
The person replied: "O, Nabi of Allah! We come to you every morning and evening. We are blessed with your sight and de- lighted to be in your presence. But one day, we will be separated from you for you will be placed on heights unreachable to us."

Nabi SAW kept silent over this, but when the abovementioned verses were revealed, he sent for that person and gave him the good news in those verses. According to another Hadith, many Sahaabahhad these types of fears until Nabi SAW recited these verses to them, and they were satisfied.

According to another version, the Sahabah once asked Nabi SAW: "Ambiyaa because of their virtue will surely be in a much higher position than their followers. How will the followers be able to see them?"
Nabi SAW replied: "Those in higher positions will come down to their friends in lower positions to sit with them and talk to them."