The Sermon of Saiyyidina Umar RA.- The Stand Point of The Sahabah

When Most of the Sahabah RA pledge their allegiance to Saiyyidina Abu Bakr RA.

Anas RA reports that he heard the closing sermon of Saiyyidina Umar RA as he sat on the pulpit the day after Rasulullaah SAW passed away.
Sayyidina Abu Bakr RA sat in silence without saying a word. Sayyidina Umar RA said, "I wished that Rasulullah SAW would remain alive until we had all passed away, so that he would be the last of us alive. (However, we have nothing to fear because) Even though Muhammad SAW has passed away, Allah SWT has left in our midst a light (the Qur'aan) by which we are guided and which has also guided Muhammad SAW. Sayyidina Abu Bakr RA is the close companion of Rasulullah SAW. He was 'the second of the two' (in the cave with Rasulullah SAW during the Hijrah. (2)) and he is the most worthy of administering the affairs of the Muslirns. You should therefore stand up and pledge your allegiance to him."

Although a large group had already pledged their allegiance to Sayyidina Abu Bakr RA .in the orchard of the Banu Saa'idah, the general pledge of all the Muslims took place in the Masjid. (3) Imam Zuhri narrates from iSayyidina Anas RA that on that day Sayyidina Umar RA kept insisting that Sayyidina Abu Bakr RA mount the pulpit until he was forced to do so. The general public then pledged their allegiance to him.

(1) Bayhaqi,as quoted in Ai BMaaya wan Nihaaya (Vo1.5 Pg.243).
(2) This refers to verse 40 of surah Taubah in which Allaah says, "If you do not assist him (Rasulullaah
~), then indeed Allaah had assisted him when the Kuffaar drove him out (of Makkah). He was
the second of the two (the other being his bosom friend Abu Bakr ~) when they were (hiding
from the Kuffaar) in the cave (outside Makkah) and he (Rasulullaahtold his companion (Abu
Bakr~) (when the KUffaar were on the verge of capturing them), "Do not grieve (do not fear
for my safety). Verily Allaah is with us (and He will protect us from the Kuffaar)."

(3) Bukhari.