‘Umair RA gives up Eating Dates

The Syahid of Badr

In the battle of Badr, Nabi SAW was sitting in a tent. He encouraged the Sahabah to fight, saying: “Rise up and race with one another for a Jannat as wide as the Heavens and the Earth, prepared for the Muttaqin (pious).”

‘Umair ibnul Humaam RA was also listening to this. He said: “Bakh! Bakh! How wonderful.”
Nabi SAW asked ‘Umair RA what he meant by that exclamation. He said: “I wish to be one of those for whom this Jannat has been prepared.”

Nabi SAW said: “Rest assured, you are one of them.”

‘Umair RA then took out a few dates from his bag and began to eat. While he was eating, he suddenly said: “To wait till the dates finish will be a very long time. I cannot do that.” Saying this, he threw away the dates, and with sword in hand jumped into the battle-field and fought till he was killed. In fact, these people appreciated the value of Jannat, for their Yaqin (faith) was firm. If we too get that Yaqin in our hearts, nothing will be too difficult or too much for us.