A`ishah (RA) and the Fear of Allah SWT

Who does not know about the love that Nabi SAW had for his dear wife A`ishah RA ? It is said that when he was asked whom he loved the most, he replied, "A’ishah.” She was so learned in Islamic laws that many famous Sahabah would go to her for solving their problems. Jibrail used to greet her with 'Assalamu alaikum'. Nabi SAW once told her that she would be his wife in Jannat.

When she was falsely accused by the Munafiqin (Hypocrites), Allah SWT cleared her from the slander and proved her innocence by revealing verses in the Qur’aan. A`ishah SWT once counted ten special qualities that Allah SWT had given her over the other wives of Nabi SAW. Ibn Sa’ad has also narrated this in detail. Her spending in the path of Allah SWT has already been described in the earlier stories. In spite of all these benefits and qualities she feared Allah so much that she was often heard saying;” I wish I was a tree, so that I could be always busy with Allah's tasbih and be saved from answering on the Day of Qiyamah.

”I wish I had been a stone or a piece of earth.”
”I wish I had been a leaf of tree or a blade of grass.”
“I wish I had not been born at all.”

The stories about the fear of Allah SWT which Sahabah had in their hearts, has already been given in earlier.This was the guiding factor in their lives.