Hadhrat Hamzah’sshroud

Matyr of Uhud -Saidina Hamzah RA

Hadhrat Hamzah’s  shroud

Hadhrat Hamzah , who was Nabi’s SAW dear uncle and one of his earliest supporters, passed away in Uhud. The ruthless enemy brutally cut of his nose, ears and organs. He was ripped open and his heart, lungs and liver were torn out and the whole body was thoroughly mutilated. While Nabi SAW was
making arrangements for the burial of the dead, he caught sight of Hadhrat Hamzah’s body and was shocked to find it in that condition. He covered the body with a sheet of cloth.
Hadhrat Hamzah’ssister Safiyyah also came to see her martyred brother for the last time. Nabi SAW fearing that the sight might be too much for her to bear, asked her son Hadhrat Zubair to discourage her from seeing the body. She however, said: “Yes, I have heard that the wretches have mutilated my dear brother’s body. It is not too much in the path of Allah and we should accept it. I will bear all this
patiently and may Allah in His Grace have mercy on us all.” Hadhrat Zubair informed Nabi SAW of his mother’s resolve.
Saidina Hamzah the matyr of Yhud
Nabi SAW gave her permission to see the body. When she saw what they had done to it, she simply exclaimed, ‘Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raaji-oon’ and offered a prayer for his soul. In another Hadith, Hadhrat Zubair himself narrates the incident. He says: “We made out a woman drawing near the place where the Shuhada of Uhud had been gathered. As she approached us, I recognized her to be my own mother. I advanced to stop her, but she proved to be too strong for me.

She thrust me aside, with the words, ‘Leave me alone,’ When I told her that Nabi SAW had prohibited her from seeing the body, she at once stopped and explained, ‘On hearing the news of my brother’s death, I have brought a couple of sheets for his shroud. Take these sheets and make use of them.’ When we took the sheets and began enshrouding the body, we noticed the dead body of an Ansaari named hadhrat Suhail lying close by in the same condition. We considered it a shame to enshroud Hadhrat Hamzah’two sheets, while the body of another Muslim brother lay bare. We therefore decided to use one sheet each for the two bodies.

We discovered that one sheet was bigger than the other, so we drew lots and the bigger sheet came to the lot of Hadhrat Suhail and the smaller one to that of Hadhrat Hamzah . We found that the sheet meant for Hadhrat Hamzah was too small and would not cover his body. When we covered the head, the feet were exposed and when we pulled it down to cover the feet, the head was exposed. Nabi SAW said, ‘Cover the head with the sheet and the feet with tree leaves.’”

This is how the body of Hadhrat Hamzah , the dear uncle of Nabi SAW who wore the crown of perfection, was buried. Look at the spirit of the Sahabah, who could not tolerate Hadhrat Hamzah being enshrouded in two sheets and another Muslim brother remaining without a shroud. Although Hadhrat Hamzah deserved preferential treatment due to his exalted position, his body was covered in a smaller

sheet that had fallen to his lot. Can there be a better example of sympathy, equality and self-sacrifice? Is it not shameful on our part, that we, who call ourselves the followers of these illustrious people, do not possess any of these qualities?