The Faith of Ummu Sulaim RA

Story of Ummi Sulaim (RA)

Ummu Sulaim RA was the mother of  Anas RA. After the death of her husband, she remained a widow for some time to devote herself to the proper upbringing of her son. She was then married to Abu Talhah RA and had a son named Abu Umair from him. Nabi SAW  used to go to her house and play with the child. One day, Abu Umair was ill and Abu Talha RA was fasting. While Abu Talhah RA was out on his job, the child died. She washed and covered the dead body and laid it on the cot.

She then took a bath and changed her clothes and beautified herself.

When the husband returned home and had his Iftaar he asked her: "How is the child?" She replied: "He is now in peace." The husband was satisfied with the reply. The couple shared the bed for the night. When they got up in the morning, they had the following conversation. Ummu Sulaim RA : "I have a question to ask you:
Abu Talhah RA: "What is it?"

Umme Sulaim RA: "If a person is loaned something, should he give it back or not if he is asked for it?"
Abu Talhah RA: "He must give it back. He has no right to keep it."
Ummu Sulaim RA: "Abu Umair was loaned to us by Allah SWT. He has taken him back."
Abu Talhah was filled with grief. He simply said: ''But why did you not tell me before?"

He went to Nabi SAW and narrated the story to him. Nabi SAW made Dua for him and said: "Allah SWT is likely to bless your sharing the bed with your wife last night.

"One of the Sahabah says: "I lived to see the effect of Nabi's SAW Dua. As a result of his union with his wife on that night, Abu Talhah had a son named Abdullah. This Abdullah had nine sons, all of whom were Qaris."

It needs much courage and patience to do what Ummu Sulaim RA did at the death of her son. She did not like her husband to know about the death of the child while he was fasting and while he needed food and rest.