Maimunah binti Al Harith RA

Maimunah binti Harith RA was the last woman marrying  Rasulullah in the seventh year Hijriyah. His full name Maimunah binti Al-Harith bin Hazn bin Bujair  bin Al-Huzm bin Ruwaibah bin Abdullah bin Hilal bin Amir. His mother was Hindun bint Auf bin Zuhair bin Al-Harith.

In his family, Maimunah binti Harith RA  belongs to three sisterswho embraced Islam. Ibn Abbas narrated from Rasulullah , "Al-Mu'minah are three sisters, namely Maimunah, Ummu Fadhal, and Asma '."

Maimunah binti Harith RA  was born in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, six years before the prophetic period, so he knew the times of the migrants to Medina. Maimunah binti Harith RA was heavily influenced by the migration, and was influenced by her elder sister, Ummu Fadhal, who had earlier converted to Islam. But Maimunah binti Harith RA  hides his Islamic beliefs because the  environment does not condusive.

Before marriage with Rasulullah , Maimunah binti Harith RA  married to Ibn Mas'ud bin Amru bin Ats-Tsaqafi before Islam, but later divorced. Afterwards    Maimunah binti Harith RA  married Abu Ruham bin Abdul Uzza who later died.

Submission to Rasulullah
Maimunah binti Harith RA  lived with his sister, Ummul Fadhal RA, wife of Abbas bin Abdul Muttalib RA. One time, to her sister, Maimunah binti Harith RA  expressed the intention of surrendering himself to Rasulullah ﷺ,. Ummul Fadhal conveyed the news to her husband until Abbas bin Abdul Muttalib RA conveyed the intention to Rasulullah .

Rasulullah sent someone to Abbas bin Abdul Muttalib RA  of his intention to marry Rasulullah . How happy is Maimunah binti Harith RA feelings after knowing the willingness of Rasulullah to marry her.
The following year, after the Hudaibiyah agreement, Rasulullah and the Muslims entered Makkah to perform Umrah. In accordance with the contents of the Hudaibiyah agreement, Rasulullah was allowed to stay there for three days.
But the Quraysh refused Rasulullah and the Muslims to stay there for more than three days. The opportunity was used by Rasulullah to get married with Maimunah binti Harith RA. After the wedding, Rasulullah and the Muslims left Makkah.

Maimunah binti Harith RA started entering the household life of Rasulullah and she was placed in her own room. Maimunah binti Harith RA treats her other wives with kindness and .
Priority of Maimunah binti Harith RA

About Maimunah binti Harith RA, Saidatuna Aisyah RA once said. "By Allah, Maimunah binti Al Harith RA is a good woman to us and always keep silaturrahmi between us."

Maimunah binti Harith RA is known for her zeal, her piety, and her attitude that always wants to draw closer to Allah. It is also narrated to have a vast knowledge.

Some records mention that Maimunah was a brave and patriotic woman. In fact, she does not hesitate to stubbornly fight the perpetrators of Islam.
The virtues of Maimunah binti Al-Harith RA are not limited to the power of faith, piety, wara ', zuhud, and honesty alone. Moreover, she is a female friend who has a lot of contributions in the realm of jihad fi sabilillah. Maimunah binti Harith RA helped to treat wounded Muslim troops brought water and poured it into the mouths of thirsty mujahid in battlefields. Not only that, Maimunah binti Harith RA also brought them food supplies. Some say that Maimunah binti Harith RA is the first female companion to form a gang of giver women to injured people, or those who strive for jihad.
In her jihad in the way of Allah, she was hit by the arrow of the enemy while he was carrying water for a weak Islamic soldier. If it were not for the help of Allah, almost the arrow killed her.

The death of Maimunah binti Harith RA

During the reign of the Caliph Muawiyah bin Abu Sufyan RA, coinciding with the return journey from the pilgrimage-somewhere near Saraf- Maimunah binti Harith RA felt the time had come. At that time she was 80 years old, coinciding with the 61st year Hijriyah. She was buried in the place as her will.
Maimunah binti Harith RA narrates about 76 hadiths from Rasulullah . Some hadiths have been narrated in the hadith of Bukhari-Muslim about 13 hadiths; 7 hadiths were mutually agreed upon by the two imams (muttafaq 'alaih), one other hadith was written by Bukhari, and 5 other hadiths were written by Muslims.

Maimunah RA - The most pious among them all.
Azid bin Asam RA  says: "She was seen either engaged in Solah or in household work. When she was doing neither, she was busy making Miswaak." She was the last woman married by Rasulullah .

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