Abdullah bin Abdullah bin Ubayy disgraces his Munafiq Father

During the famous battle of Banul Mustaliq in 5 A.H., a Muhajir had trouble with an Ansaari over some small matter. Each of them called his own people for help and there was a serious danger of a fight among the two groups of the Muslims, but this was avoided through the efforts of some sensible people. Abdullah bin Ubayy, who was the chief of the Munafiqin, was a very bitter enemy of Islam. Outwardly acted like a Muslim, and was treated as one by the other Muslims. When he came to know of this incident, he used some rude words for Nabi SAW and, taking advantage of the situation, addressed his people thus: "All this is the outcome of the seed that you people have sown with your own hands.

You provided a home to these strangers (meaning the Muhaajireen) in your town and shared your wealth equally with them. If you take back your help from them, they will be forced to go back." He further said: "By Allah! On return to Madinah Munawwarah, we, the respected people, shall drive out these mean people from there." Hadhrat Zaid bin Arqam RA, an Ansari boy, was listening to him. He could not tolerate these words and at once replied angrily by saying to him: "By Allah! You yourself are
wretched. Even your own people look down upon you, and nobody will support you. Muhammad SAW is most honoured.

He is given respect by Rahman and respected by his followers." Abdullah bin Ubayy said: "All right. Do not mention it to anybody. It was only a joke. I was not serious in what I said." However, Hadhrat Zaid went straight to Nabi SAW and told him what the Munafiq had said. 'Umar RA asked for Nabi's SAW permission to kill Abdullah bin Ubayy but Nabi SAW refused.When Abdullah bin Ubayy learnt that Nabi SAW had received the news about his disrespectful talk, he came to him and swore by Allah SWT saying: "I never said such a thing. Zaid RA is a liar he has given you a false report." A few of the Ansaar were also sitting with Nabi SAW. They also supported him by saying: "O, Nabi of Allah! He is the chief of his clan and is a big man. His statement is more reliable than the report of a mere boy. It is just possible that Zaid RA might have misheard or misunderstood him."

Nabi SAW accepted this statement and took no action against him. When Zaid RA came to know that the Munafiq had lied to Nabi SAW through false oaths, he would not come out for shame of being called a liar by the people. He would not even go to Nabi SAW. At last, Allah revealed Soorah Al Munafiqoon, in which the report of Zaid RA was shown to be true and the Munafiq was shown to be a liar. After this, all people began to honour Zaid RA and look down upon the Munafiq.

The Munafiq (Abdullah bin Ubayy) had a son. His name was also Abdullah RA and he was a very sincere Muslim. When the Mujahiden were about to reach Madinah Munawwarah, he drew out his sword and stood just outside the town and, in a challenging tone, said to his Munafiq father: "I will not allow you to enter Madinah Munawwarah, until you admit with your own tongue that it is you who is mean and Muhammad SAW is most honoured."This surprised him very much, as the son had always been very respectful to him, but now he was prepared to kill him, his own father, for the honour of Nabi SAW. The Munafiq had to say: "By Allah! I am mean, and Muhammad SAW is most honoured." He was then allowed to enter the town.