Mu'sab bin Umair carries out Tabligh

The First Islam Ambassador 
A story about Sayidina Mus'ab bin Umair ra has already been mentioned earlier. When the first group of people from Madinah embraced Islam in Mina, Nabi SAW  sent  Mus'ab bin Umair ra to go with them to Madinah to teach Islam and preach to others. He remained busy all the time in teaching the Qur’aan and other Islamic practices to the people. He stayed with  As'ad bin Zararah and was known as 'Muqree' (the teacher). Sa'd bin Ma'az and Usaid bin Hudhairiyah, who were among the chiefs of Madinah, did not like  Mus'ab's activities.

Sa'd said to Usaid: "You go to As'ad and tell him that we do not approve of him bringing a stranger to Madinah, who will mislead the poor and simple people of the town." Usaid went to  As'ad and talked to him very harshly.  As'ad said to him: "You listen to him first and if you like his teachings, you may accept them; if not, you have every right to criticize and stop him."

Usaid agreed to it. Mus'ab then explained the virtues of Islam and recited a few verses of the Holy Qur’aan before him. Usaid said: "These teachings are excellent and these verses are simply beautiful. How do you admit a person to your religion?"

Mus'ab  ra said: "You take a bath, put on clean clothes and recite the Kalimah." Usaid immediately followed these instructions and embraced Islam. He then went to Sa'd and brought him to  Mus'ab ra to listen to his Tabligh. Sa'd also embraced Islam. As soon as Sa'd had accepted Islam, he went to the people of his clan (Banu Ash-hal) and said to them: "What type of person do you think I am?"

They replied: "You are the best and the noblest of the clan."

He then said: "I have vowed not to talk to your men and women until you all embrace Islam and believe in Muhammad SAW ." All the men and women of Banu Ash-hal tribe embraced Islam there and then.  Mus'ab ra began to teach and train them in Islam. When somebody embraced Islam, then he immediately began to preach it. Every one of them considered it compulsory upon himself to preach and teach to others what he knew about Islam. His trade, farm or occupation did not stop him from Tabligh.

Biography of Mus'ab ibn Umair RA

Mus‘ab ibn Umair (Arabic:مصعب بن عمير) also known as
Mus‘ab al-Khayr ("the Good") was a sahabi (companion) of Muhammad. From the Banū ‘Abd al-Dār branch of the Quraysh, he embraced Islam in 614 CE and was the first ambassador of Islam. He was martyred in the Battle of Uhud in 625 CE.

Mus‘ab ibn Umair ra was born to the Banū ‘Abd al-Dār branch of the Quraysh tribe.Although his exact birth year is not known, it is believed that he was born sometime between 594 and 598 CE since he was very young when he embraced Islam in 614., Mus‘ab was the son of Umair ibn Hashim and Khunaas Bint Maalik, and his parents were wealthy.,Even as a young man, he was permitted to attend meetings of the Quraysh elders.

Conversion to Islam

The first Muslims used to meet with Muhammad SAW at the house of Al-Arqam known as the Islamic learning center. Mus'ab went to this house to find out more about Islam. As a result of hearing the reciting of the Qur'an and the preaching of Muhammad SAW , he was converted.

At first Mus'ab kept his faith a secret, for he was afraid of how his mother would react.But one day a Quraysh opponent of Muhammad SAW, Uthman ibn Talhal, saw him entering Al Arqam's house and joining the Muslim prayers. The news spread and eventually reached his mother, who chained him in their house with the intention of making him recant.

Mus'ab would not renounce his faith. Muhammad SAW advised him to join the companions who were emigrating to Abyssinia so that he would not be harassed again.

First Ambassador of Islam

Mus‘ab ibn Umair was appointed the first ambassador of Islam and was sent to Yathrib (Medina)to prepare the city for the forthcoming Hijrah. A man of Medina named Sa'd ibn Zurarah assisted him. After they had preached Islam, many residents of Medina were converted, including such leading men such as Sa'd ibn Muadh, Usayd ibn Khudayr and Sa'd ibn Ubadah.It was estimated that by the time Muhammad arrived in September 622, Medina had ten thousand Muslims. These Medinan converts were known as Ansars.

Battle of Badr.

He participated in the Battle of Badr. Muhammad's SAW forces included Abu Bakr ra Umar, ra Ali, ra Hamza ra. Mus`ab ibn `Umair, Az-Zubair bin Al-'Awwam ra, Ammar ibn Yasir ra and Abu Dharr al-Ghifari.ra The Muslims also brought seventy camels and two horses, meaning that they either had to walk or fit three to four men per camel.However, many early Muslim sources indicate that no serious fighting was expected, and the future Caliph Uthman ra  stayed behind to care for his sick wife Ruqayyah ra the daughter of Muhammad SAW. Salman the Persian also could not join the battle, as he was still not a free man.

Many of the Quraishi nobles, including Amr ibn Hishām,Walid ibn Utba, Shaiba, and Umayah ibn Khalaf, joined the Meccan army. Their reasons varied: some were out to protect their financial interests in the caravan; others wanted to avenge Ibn al-Hadrami, the guard killed at Nakhlah; finally, a few must have wanted to take part in what was expected to be an easy victory against the Muslims. Amr ibn Hishām is described as shaming at least one noble, Umayah ibn Khalaf, into joining the expedition.

Death in the Battle of Uhud

Further information: Battle of Uhud. In the Battle of Uhud in 625 CE, Muhammad SAW assigned Mus'ab ibn Umayr ra  to carry the Muslim standard.. During the battle, some Muslims fled from their positions on the battlefield, giving the opposing forces a clear path to attack Muhammad SAW himself. On realising the danger, Mus'ab ra, who was of a similar build and colouring to Muhammad SAW , raised the standard and shouted the takbir ("Allah is greatest!"), with the intention of diverting the enemies' attention towards himself and allowing Muhammad SAW to escape unhurt. Mus'ab ra was attacked, and his right hand was severed, but he continued to repeat the Quranic words, "Muhammad SAW is only a Messenger of God. Messengers have passed away before him.Eventually Musab ra was hit by a spear thrown by Ibn Kami'ah and was martyred.


The Matyrs of Uhud..Mus'ab and other Syahid buried here.

Sixty-five Muslims were killed in the battle.Khabbab ibn al-Aratt narrated: We migrated in the company of Allah's Apostle, seeking Allah's Pleasure. So our reward became due and sure with Allah. Some of us have been dead without enjoying anything of their rewards (here), and one of them was Mus'ab bin 'Umar ra who was martyred on the day of the battle of Uhud, and did not leave anything except a Namira (i.e. a sheet in which he was shrouded). If we covered his head with it, his feet became naked, and if we covered his feet with it, his head became naked. So the Prophet said to us, "Cover his head with it and put some Idhkhir (i.e. a kind of grass) over his feet or throw Idhkhir over his feet." But some amongst us have got the fruits of their labor ripened, and they are collecting them.

Muhammad SAW  stood beside Musab's ra body and recited: "Among the believers are men who have been true to what they have pledged to God.The Messenger of God testifies that you are martyrs in the sight of God." When Mus'ab's wife Hammanah bint Jahsh, heard about the death of her brother and maternal uncle, she replied, "To Allah we belong and to him we will verily return. I ask Allah‘s forgiveness for him." But when she heard about the death of her husband Mus'ab, she shouted and cried.