Saidina Ali RA bravery - Battle of Uhud.

The neglect of Nabi’s SAW orders changed the victory at Uhud into a temporary defeat, the details of which we have already seen earlier. That was a very hard time for the Muslims. They were simply caught between the two groups of the enemy and many were killed. Nabi SAW himself was surrounded by the enemy, who spread the rumour that he had died. Most of the Sahabah lost their senses at this rumour and that was the main cause of their confusion. Saidina Ali says: “We were surrounded by the enemy and I could not see Nabi SAW. I first searched for him among the living and then among the dead, but I could not find him. I said to myself that, ‘It is impossible for him to run away from the battle-field.

 It seems that Allah is angry with us due to our sins and he has raised him up to the heavens. There is no way left for me except to jump into the enemy lines and fight till I am killed.’ I therefore attacked the enemy, clearing them with my sword, till I caught sight of Nabi SAW. I was very happy and was sure that Allah had been protecting him through His Malaikah. I approached him and stood by his side.

Meanwhile a group of the enemy advanced to attack Nabi SAW. He said to me, ‘Ali go and stop them.’ I fought and drove them away single-handed, killing quite a few of them. After this, yet another group came to attack him. He again called out, ‘Ali go and stop them.’ I fought with that group again single handed and put them to their heels.”

It was on this occasion that Hadhrat Jibrael  came and praised Saidina Ali for his bravery and his devotion to Nabi SAW. Nabi SAW said: “Ali belongs to me and I belong to him.” 

At this, Hadhrat Jibrael remarked:“I belong to you both.” Look at the bravery of Hadhrat Ali . When he is unable to find Nabi SAW he jumps into the enemy lines single-handed. This shows his extreme love and devotion to Nabi SAW.